The services offered at Solimine Funeral Homes bring family and friends together to honor and celebrate and the life of a loved one. With many options available, our staff is here to share our knowledge, answer your questions and guide you through the choices available.



Burial Services

A traditional Burial Service honors the deceased with a visitation, funeral and burial.

Cremation Services

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice with options from unique to traditional.

Memorial Services

A Memorial Services takes place without a body present and can be planned anytime and anywhere.


We encourage families to create special and personalized services that celebrate the uniqueness of every life.

Meaningful Funerals

A meaningful funeral is one where the hopes and wishes of the deceased are realized and where family and friends gather to mourn, honor and remember. While the funeral of a loved one is a time of sadness and grief, there are also moments of comfort that can be shared. Sometimes that comfort comes from just being surrounded by family and friends or from sharing fond memories and stories. These moments can help move towards acceptance and healing.

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