Memorial Services

What is a Memorial Service?

A memorial service is a ceremony that celebrates and remembers the life of a loved one. It is a gathering where a casket is not present, however an urn with cremated remains may be present. A memorial service can take place soon after death or be held weeks or even months later. It can held anywhere that you or loved ones choose. That may be at a church, a funeral home or community hall. If deceased had a location that was special to them, like a park or a beach, that can also be considered as an option.

Why Families Choose a Memorial Service?

One of the most common reasons families choose a memorial service is the need for extra time to plan. Since a memorial service can take place after the body has been buried or cremation, there is no rush to organize a ceremony. For some, they may need that extra time to grieve. For others, it may be that family and friends live far away and planning a memorial service at a later time allows people to plan ahead for travel. Another reason families choose a memorial service is because they are looking for a more informal service or non-denominational service, as opposed to a funeral mass.

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