Cremation Policies

Cremation Policies, Procedures and Requirements

Solimine Funeral Homes is the only funeral home on the North Shore to offer a 10-step cremation process backed by our Cremation with Confidence Guarantee. From the moment your loved one arrives at our funeral home, through the cremation process, to the return of the cremated remains to you, your loved one is well cared for at all times.

Requirements for Cremation

Cremation will take place only after all the following conditions have been met.

  1. The decedent's remains have been identified by the next of kin or an authorized representative of the next of kin.
  2. All necessary authorizations have been obtained from the next of kin, and no objections have been raised.
  3. A minimum of 48 hours has transpired since the death occurred. (MA State Law)
  4. Civil and medical authorities have issued all required permits.
  5. Removal of medical devices as required by crematory.


Pacemakers, Prosthesis and Radioactive Implants

Pacemakers, prosthesis, implants and mechanical or radioactive devices may create a hazardous condition when placed in the cremation chamber. It is imperative that these devices be removed prior to cremation. If the staff at Solimine Funeral Homes is not notified about devices and implants, and not instructed to remove them, then the person(s) authorizing the cremation will be responsible for any damages caused to crematory equipment or personnel by such devices or implants.


Cremation Containers and Caskets

Most crematories require either a casket or an alternate (cremation) container for cremation. All caskets and alternate containers must meet the following standards:

  1. Composed of materials suitable for cremation
  2. Able to be closed to provide a complete covering for the human remains
  3. Resistant to leakage or spillage
  4. Sufficient for handling ease
  5. Provide protection for the health and safety of funeral home and crematory personnel


Choice of Crematory

The cremation will take place at a crematory chosen by the next of kin. Solimine Funeral Homes may advise next of kin of a preferred provider based on our experience. The procedures of our preferred provider are separate from this document, but may be attached. The crematory is an outside provider independent of the funeral home.


Cremation Urns and Containers

After the cremated remains have been processed, they will be placed in the designated urn or container. The crematory will make a reasonable effort to put all of the cremated remains in the urn or container, with the exception of dust or other residue that may remain on the processing equipment. In the event the urn or container provided is insufficient to accommodate all of the cremated remains, the excess will be placed in a separate receptacle. The separate receptacle will be kept with the primary receptacle and handled according to the disposition instructions on the Cremation Authorization Form. Solimine Funeral Homes require that all cremated remains be in a minimum cremation urn suitable for handling and further disposition. In the case of an adult, it is recommended that the urn or container be a minimum size of 200 cubic inches. If such an urn or container is not provided for the cremated remains, then Solimine Funeral Homes will place the cremated remains in the minimum container designed for shipping or temporary storage.


Final Disposition

Cremation is NOT final disposition. The cremation process simply reduces the decedent's body to cremated remains. These cremated remains usually weigh several pounds and usually measure in excess of 150 cubic inches. Some provision must be made for the final disposition of these cremated remains. Therefore, Solimine Funeral Homes strongly suggest that arrangements for final disposition be made at the time that the cremation arrangements are made and that the Cremation Authorization Form is completed.

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