Headstone and Markers

Headstones and Markers

Headstones and markers visually identify a loved one’s final resting place. Choosing a headstone or maker is an important part of the healing process and gives family and friends a physical place to visit and pay their respects. Today there are many ways to personalize these tributes and there is no limit to creativity.

Flat Markers lie flat in the ground and are surrounded by the grass of the cemetery

Monuments or headstones are tablets standing up from the ground.

Slant Markers are usually around 18 inches tall and have a wedge shape

Ledgers are selections that lie flat and thick over the entire grave. They can be singular or include a monument at the head.

A columbarium is a monument designated for the interment of the ashes. The niches are the receptacles within a columbarium, which are for containing the ashes after someone has been cremated.

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