Choosing a Casket

For many, choosing a casket is one of the most important choices when planning a burial. A casket is a loved one's final resting place and the choices available range from classic to elaborate.

Types of Casket

A classic and economical casket choice is a hardwood. These include pine, mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry and oak. There are also metal options like stainless steel, copper and bronze or green options made of hemp, wicker, and other biodegradable materials to encourage the process of decomposition.

Casket Lining

The inside of a casket is lined with fabric, typically white in color, but many colors are available to choose from. Along with color options, there are material options including cotton, velvet or silk.


In addition to casket and lining choices, there are many ways to personalize a casket through finishes and decorative hardware.

The staff at Solimine Funeral Home will help you find the right casket to fit every need and budget. 

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