Why Do People Pre-Plan Funerals?

When a death occurs it’s a very emotional time and the choices and options when planning a funeral can seem overwhelming. Planning a funeral in advance for yourself or a loved one can alleviate some of these challenges and provides many advantages, both financially and emotionally.

Emotional Benefits  

Pre-planning your funeral is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can leave your family. You are relieving the burden on your loved ones, and in turn giving yourself peace of mind. You are giving them the freedom of not having to plan and allowing them time to honor their grief without confusion of having to make major decisions during a difficult time.


In taking the time to pre-plan you can make sure your survivors know what is important to you. Do you wish to be cremated or buried? What type of service do you want to have? What type of gathering is important to you? Pre-planning allows you time to answer these questions.


When you have time to make decisions you can do things like choose meaningful songs, readings and other details you’d like used during your service. You can even gather information for your obituary, leaving one less thing for your family to do in their time of grief. You can even go so far as to write your own obituary so it’s exactly as you’d like it.


The time after a loved one’s passing can be tense and difficult among family and friends. When you pre-plan you can help lessen that stress by making decisions ahead of time.

Financial Benefits

While you don’t need to pre-pay when you pre-plan your funeral, doing so can be a wise investment. When you pre-pay, you can often lock in today’s prices with the option of different payment methods. Learning more about pre-payment is also an opportunity to consider your budget, understand costs and determine the funeral choices that work best for you.


Making the decision to pre-pay, gives you the opportunity to make educated, fiscally responsible decisions while you are still capable. By funding your funeral service ahead of time, you will not deplete your savings or life insurance at the time of your death. You also take away the risk of last-minute expenses being added. All these choices allow your family to grieve without worrying about the financial aspect of a funeral.

Personalizing Your Funeral

Planning ahead gives you the gift of time and time to personalize your arrangements. You can discuss options like cremation, burial or even “green” burial. Maybe you already know who you would like to officiate your funeral, but you want to make certain your family knows your favorite music and readings, and maybe even who you would like to deliver eulogies. When you pre-plan you have the opportunity to add your own personality and wishes to your service. 

Get Started

The best time to start pre-planning your funeral is now and getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. The easiest first step is to talk with a funeral director. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions, find out what options are available, share what is most important to you and make sure your budget is in line with your choices.

Contact Us

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Also available on our website is a handy checklist you can use to help you create a personalized plan to help guide you during your consultation.

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