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Schedule of Ceremonies  

The Wall That Heals was open continuously (24 hours a day) from August 27 through August 30, 2009 at Fraser Field in Lynn for all who wished to visit. There was a tremendous responce from the entire Greater Lynn Community an beyond.

Program Schedule:

  • Thursday, August 27th, 6:00 p.m.- Opening Ceremony

Welcome                                           Michael F. Sweeney, Director Lynn Dept. of Veterans’ Services 

Posting of Colors                                 Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 

Pledge of Allegiance                             Russell Lebaron, Past President Lynn Veterans’ Council 

“Star-Spangled Banner”                         Lynn Public School Band 

Invocation                                            Rev. Dean Pedersen, Ret. Captain U.S. Naval Reserve 

Medley of Service Songs                       Lynn Public School Band 

Introductions                                        David J. Solimine, Jr., Solimine Funeral Homes 

Remarks                                              Mayor Edward J. “Chip” Clancy, Jr. 

                                                           Senator Thomas M. McGee

Guest Speaker                                     Thomas G. Kelley, Secretary, Massachusetts Dept. of Veterans’ Services 

“America”                                             Brian Landry 

Laying of Wreaths                                 Veteran Organizations 

Reading of Names/Laying of Wreaths      Lynn Vietnam Gold Star Families 

Moment of Silence                                Michael F. Sweeney 

Salute to the Dead                                Massachusetts Army National Guard 

“Taps”                                                  Richard Perry 

 “For the Fallen”                                    Brian Landry 

Benediction                                          Rev. Neil J. Mullaney, St. Pius V Church, Lynn 

Closing Remarks                                  Michael F. Sweeney 

Retire the Colors                                  Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 

Bagpipes                                             Kevin Cronin


  • Friday, August 28th, 6:00 p.m.-Honoring Gold Star Families 

Welcome                                            David J. Solimine, Sr., Solimine Funeral Homes 

Posting of Colors                                 Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 

Pledge of Allegiance                             Florence Johnson, Vietnam Gold Star Mother 

“Star-Spangled Banner”                        James Dennis 

Invocation                                           Rev. George Tsoukalas, Pastor, St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Lynn 

“Amazing Grace”                                 Elizabeth C. Sullivan 

Introductions                                       Lucy Dearborn, Lucia Lighting & Design 

Remarks                                             Peter L. Capano, Veterans Committee Chairman, Lynn City Council 

Guest Speaker                                    Chris Devlin, President, Massachusetts Gold Star Mother, Inc. 

“America the Beautiful”                         Elizabeth C. Sullivan 

Laying of Wreaths                                Gold Star Family Members - Jane Cahill , Tom Mailloux, Maureen Hudson 

Moment of Silence                                David J. Solimine, Sr. 

“Taps”                                                 Joy Oakes

“Battle Hymn of the Republic”                James Dennis 

Benediction                                         Rev. Thomas J. Fleming, Ret. Major, U.S. Army Chaplain’s Corps 

Closing Remarks                                  David J. Solimine, Sr. 

Retire the Colors                                   Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 


  • Saturday, August 29th, 6:00 p.m.-POW/PIA Remembrance 

Welcome                                            James DePhilippo, Commander, Polish Legion of American Veterans, Post 56

Posting of Colors                                 Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 

Pledge of Allegiance                             Robert “Sarge” Hultgren, Vice President, Lynn Veterans’ Council 

“Star-Spangled Banner”                        Brian Landry 

Invocation                                            Monsignor Paul V. Garrity, Pastor, St. Mary’s Church, Lynn 

Introductions                                       Joel C. Solimine, Solimine Funeral Homes 

Remarks                                            Representative Steven M. Walsh 

Guest Speaker                                    Edmund W. “Ted” Mulvehill, Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts 

“America the Beautiful”                        Ben DiScipio 

Missing Man Ceremony                       Stephen F. Luz, Vietnam Veteran USAF 

Laying of Wreath                                 Arthur Salkins & Martin Robichaud, Vietnam Veterans of America, Lynn Ch. 908 

Moment of Silence                              James DePhilippo 

“Taps”                                                Rev. William Coburn 

“God Bless America”                           Ben DiScipio 

Benediction                                        Rev. Gregory Mercurio, Pastor, Holy Family Church, Lynn 

Closing Remarks                                 James DePhilippo 

Retire the Colors                                 Veteran and Public Safety Organizations

Bagpipes                                            Edward "Ned" Shinnick


       Sunday, August 30th, 4:00 p.m.-Closing Ceremony 

Welcome                                           John MacGillivray, Marine Corps League 

Posting of Colors                                Veteran and Public Safety Organizations 

Pledge of Allegiance                            Arthur Salkins, Vietnam Veterans of America, Lynn Chapter 908 

“Star-Spangled Banner”                        Carolyn Cole 

Invocation                                           Rev. Dr. Arlyne F. Grant, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve 

Introductions                                       David G. DeFilippo, Woodlawn Memorials 

Remarks                                            Mayor Edward J. “Chip” Clancy, Jr. 

                                                          Lt. Governor Timothy Murray 


“Dear Vietnam Veteran”                        Read by Cara Garrity

"The Moving Wall"                                Read by Author, Donald E. Pearce, Patriot Guard Riders

Moment of Silence                               John MacGillivray 

Salute to the Dead                               Massachusetts Army National Guard 

Taps                                                   Ashley Turner, Lynn Pubic School Band 

Guest Speaker                                    Thomas Lyons, Vietnam Veteran Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans

Medley of Service Songs                       Lynn English High School Marine JROTC 

Drill Presentation                                  Lynn English High School Marine JROTC 

“Proud to be an American”                     Carolyn Cole 

Benediction                                          Rev. Alfonse Ferreira, Sgt. USMC, Chaplain PLAV Post 56 

Closing Remarks                                  John MacGillivray 

Retire the Colors                                  Veteran and Public Safety Organizations


Click here for downloadable schedule of events

While each ceremony had a different focus, all 4 ceremonies incorporated many of the same elements. We actively sought out qualified individuals from the Greater Lynn Community to take an active role in our ceremonies. Our hope was to have as many Vietnam Veterans participate in all roles possible, especially serving as escorts for Gold Star Families during the ceremonies. Color guards from all organizations, whether active military, Veterans posts, Police or Fire, Scout groups, JROTC, and others were invited to participate and asked to arrive at least one half hour before the ceremonies. If you are interested in taking an active role in future ceremonies, or if you have suggestions and ideas, please contact Lynn Veterans Services Director Michael Sweeney, who is the Ceremony Chairman. He can be reached at 781-586-6917 or

As part of our opening ceremony, we paid special tribute to the 19 soldiers from Lynn whose names appear on the Wall. Each soldier had a wreath with his name placed at the Wall. We invited the families of these young men who made the ultimate sacrifice to take part in our ceremony.  

  • Edward Anderson 5/6/1946 - 5/14/1968
  • Frederick George Atkinson 3/9/1945 - 7/9/1966
  • Kevin Arthur Cahill 3/14/1948 - 10/12/1967
  • Kenneth Robert Carter 1/30/1935 - 7/31/1966
  • David Andrew Chisholm 4/13/1942 - 3/15/1968 
  • John Douglas Evans 12/5/1945 - 2/2/1968
  • Eric Anders Fisher 7/9/1950 - 2/16/1969
  • William John Flint 3/20/1949 - 9/1/1968
  • Norman William Grant, Jr. 10/15/1947 - 8/23/1968
  • James Joseph Hazard 1/17/1950 - 5/20/1970
  • John Joseph Mailloux 5/6/1949 - 11/24/1968
  • Michael Leste McCafferty 4/12/1947 - 10/3/1968
  • Irvin George Miller 7/22/1944 - 10/17/1966
  • Robert Joseph Nelson 11/25/1946 - 2/13/1968
  • William Joseph O’Brien 5/10/1946 - 3/28/1967
  • George Alfred Odiorne 1/26/1941 - 2/25/1970
  • Peter James Pennucci 12/13/1949 - 5/20/1970
  • John Louis Ramsey 9/16/1949 - 5/25/1968
  • Carleton Webster Upton 9/10/1937-3/15/1964


 Gold Star Family Co-chairs Jane Cahill at 781-593-8913 and David J. Solimine, Sr. at 781-595-1492 were able to locate 15 of the 19 families.


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